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Island Bay Butchery - Wellington.



Island Bay Butchery has a reputation for producing world class Smallgoods. Our knowledge and techniques come with years of experience in both  New Zealand and Europe. Here’s a selection of the Island Bay Butchery award winning smoked or cured Smallgoods.


Kassler is a traditional German product, and is made by curing a boneless pork in brine, herbs and spices and then a light smoking. This creates a very lean, highly flavoured piece of pork similar to ham. It’s lovely on crackers with cheese and chutney.

White Pudding

Inspired by the French Boudin Blanc, this sausage is a combination of chicken and pork meats and cream. It has a lovely texture and is generally served in France on special occasions like Christmas.

Hunter’s Sausage

From Poland, the hunter sausage is very similar to the smoked Kielbasa. Because the smoke preserved the sausage, it was the ideal food to take on hunting expeditions. If you’re hunting for a delicious smoked sausage this is the one to try.

Hams (gluten free)

Made from 100% free roaming New Zealand pork legs providing a huge advantage to making a quality ham. The special Island Bay Butchery curing recipe, the amount of time in the smokehouse and steam cooking all combine for a delicious moist ham. You can choose ham on the bone, boneless hams plus champagne hams to order.


Island Bay Butchery bacon is made from 100% free roaming New Zealand pork, cured and smoked on site. Select it sliced off the roll or pre-packaged. Their bacon is much sought after.

Frankfurters (gluten free)

The American hotdog would not exist if it wasn’t for the German Frankfurter. Also nice in a pasta or on a pizza. Eat them as they are or heated.

Chorizo Smoked

A classic Spanish smokey sausage with flavours of chilli, paprika and more. This is mild enough for the children, used as a pizza topping, with a bun on the bbq or in a salad.

Red Wine Chorizo

Add the spicy red wine chorizo to your favourite dish. This is the hotter of the 3 chorizo choices so if hot and spicy is what you like then this will be the one for you.

Alpine Stick (gluten free)

This Swiss sausage is made from beef and a little pork with the addition of caraway seeds delivering a mild sweeter flavour. Alpine Stick is great in dishes or on its own.


This very flavoursome smoked sausage is a Dutch favourite. The delicate balance of mild flavours and the fine texture make every mouthful a pleasurable experience. This is a simmering sausage which means it should be gently simmered in water. 

Black Pudding

This blood sausage is what makes the traditional English cooked breakfast famous and the special Island Bay Butchery recipe requires it be created from scratch. There are no pre-bought mixes in this black pudding.

Cheese and Bacon

Styled on the Kransky Sausage, this sausage is pure pork, cheese and bacon, smoked to perfection.  Don’t be surprised to hear choirs of angels singing when you bite into this and get your first flavour hit. It is a taste experience you’ll always remember.

Russian (gluten free)

Smoked and pre-cooked. It originates from South Africa where it is deep-fried with chips. Russian is delicious eaten as is or a real treat on snacks.

Salami (gluten free)

Island Bay Butchery salami is smoked, semi dried and cooked on site. You are really spoilt for choice with Cracked Pepper, Pepperoni, Garlic and Venison salami available.


Traditional Scottish haggis made from an Island Bay Butchery secret recipe handed down through generations. Their Haggis is pre-cooked and stuffed into a 500g or 1kg fibrous casing which can be put into a water bath and heated through.

Kabanossi (gluten free)

A traditional coarse mix mild bierstick flavoured with cracked pepper and waiting to accompany your favourite ale.

Gammon Steak (gluten free)

Cured and smoked leg of pork sliced into steaks ready for frying or grilling.

Gypsy Bacon(gluten free)

A very traditional old-fashioned form of bacon. Gypsy bacon is cured, smoked pork belly and makes a perfect addition to risottos, soup or any dish needing that delicious bacon flavour.

Luncheon (gluten free)

No additives and made from 100% New Zealand free roaming pork. Island Bay Butchery luncheon, is a firm family favourite.