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Island Bay Butchery - Wellington.



Delicious and nutritious, 100 percent New Zealand Pork is so versatile. Like the rest of our quality meat, we only deal with suppliers who believe free roaming and high quality care produces the best pork, like Murellen Pork from Canterbury. Here is a small taste of pork products that we have available at Island Bay Butchery.

Pork Strips

If you are a fan of pork belly, you’ll fall head over heels with Pork Strips. Juicy and moist, succulent strips, cooked in a hot oven for 30 minutes then basted with a sticky sweet marinade for 25 minutes more. Or buy them already coated in a marinade from Island Bay Butchery.

Pork Belly

If a foodie had only one cut of pork to choose from the Pork Belly would be it. The layer of fat allows the meat to stay moist and succulent while the crackling gets that crispy crunch. Marinated, twice cooked, slow roasted, braised, whatever method you use to cook it, the result is always amazing.


New Zealand Pork is amongst the best in the world, you could say it is fit for a King. Give your family the royal treatment with Roast Pork. It is ready to go. We have trimmed it, wrapped it, rolled it and tied it, ready for the oven. There is enough crackling from this roast for everyone.


What makes Pork Chops so popular is the many ways you can have them. You can go traditional with apple sauce, Asian with orange honey soy, French with a pepper crust and creamy brandy sauce, Spanish style, slow cooked with smoked paprika and chorizo, the possibilities are endless.

Spare Ribs

Why are Pork Spare Ribs so delicious to eat? Is it the marinade that gives the ribs the sticky sweet golden coating? Is it succulent meat that has been slow cooked to tender perfection? Is it the smoky flavour and caramelization of the final grill? Or is it the pure enjoyment of the finger licking afterwards?


You can enjoy pork in so many ways and there are so many ways to enjoy Pork Mince. An amazing number of recipes abound including meatballs, meatloaf, pasta sauce and burgers. From Oriental Pork Balls in a Hoisin broth to a Pork and Sage meatloaf to a Pork, Apple and Maple Syrup Burger Pattie, there’s inspiration everywhere.