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Feeding on fresh green pastures, in pristine surroundings has helped give New Zealand Lamb its distinctive flavour. At Island Bay Butchery, we like our lambs to be a certain weight to really maximise the flavour. Here’s a selection of some of our delicious lamb cuts.

Rack of Lamb

Rack of Lamb is a tried and true classic. At its best it’s juicy and tender, especially if you cook it to medium rare. When you slice through the rack, it should reveal the pink and juicy interior. The classic accompaniment is salsa verde. From a romantic dinner for two to a dinner party, Rack of Lamb is for any occasion.

Mini Roast

Roast dinner for 2 in 30 minutes? Sounds like the start of a Tui Billboard. But you actually can with an Island Bay Butchery Mini Roast. This boneless piece of lamb is the modern take on a family classic, when the family has left home.

Diced Lamb

Two words – slow cooker. Here’s another two – casserole dish. Nothing beats coming home to the aroma of a slow cooked meal especially in the middle of winter. Diced Lamb instead of beef gives the dish a whole new dimension.

Lamb Shoulder

Roasted slowly, the fat melts away leaving tender moist meat that can be pulled off the bone. A boned shoulder is fantastic when stuffed - try lemon zest, capers and rosemary to cut through the richness.

Leg Roast

This has to be the iconic Kiwi Roast. The classic flavour combination is garlic and rosemary, but with a wide range of cultures in New Zealand, we’re discovering many ways to enjoy it. The herbs and spices of Morocco and more.

Lamb Mince

If you’ve travelled the Middle East and Mediterranean, you’ll know the lamb dishes are delectable. Stuffed aubergine and koftas are very popular, as is Moussaka. The main ingredient is Lamb Mince.