Island Bay Butchery

Island Bay Butchery - Wellington.



New Zealand Beef has a well-deserved reputation for being some of the world’s finest. The temperate climate means the majority of our beef can feed on lush green grass all year round producing a flavour that is in high demand. Here’s a selection of some of the beef products you’ll find at Island Bay Butchery.

Topside Mince

For the perfect lasagne, the best burger patties, or tasty meat balls, use Topside Mince as your base. It’s lean and full of flavour, and because of that, you can control the amount of fat that goes into the dish.

T Bone

This steak is for the true meat lover. On one side of the bone is a piece of tender fillet and on the other side is a piece of flavoursome sirloin steak. The best way to enjoy the T Bone is simply a little seasoning and a quick sizzle on the grill. Delicious.

Standing Roast

Want to make an impact at your next dinner party? This is the way to do it. This Standing Rib Roast is such a succulent cut. The bone imparts such a huge depth of flavour during cooking that this is one of the tastiest beef cuts you’ll try.

Porterhouse Steak

One size up from the T Bone is the Porterhouse Steak. Don prepares this cut with a little bit of fat to enhance the full rich flavour it already has. Like the T Bone, you can cook it simply, or for variation try it with a creamy mushroom whiskey sauce. This is the ultimate dish for rugby watching.

Prime Beef Roast

Whether it’s traditional, with roasted vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and gravy, or something a little more gourmet like a red wine jus, there’s something intensely satisfying about Roast Beef. Prime Beef Roast is one of the favourites.


The Topside is a very lean and versatile cut. Serve it up rare with caramelized onions on toasted bruschetta and rocket as a delicious starter, or make it the focal point and carve it up at the table as your next Sunday roast.

Scotch Fillet

This cut is intensely flavoursome. As a whole fillet, it’s a great centrepiece for the table. The meat holds well once cooked, and it’s versatile. Pair it with a mustard sauce, a horseradish sauce or a béarnaise sauce and it holds its own.